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5 Key Ebony Cuban Style Flute With Case

5 Key Ebony Cuban Style Flute With Case


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A 5 key Charanga flute as played by the old masters in the Orquestas Francesas, Danzon and charanga bands. Copied from a fine French original and made at modern pitch, this is perfect for those looking for the real Cuban sound. This flute has an ebony body, 5 post mounted keys for Eb, short F, G#, Bb, and long C key; D foot. It has the small tone-holes needed for the focused Cuban tone, and for the forked fingerings carried over from the 1 key flute, yet it is very free-blowing and has a rich tone even in the low register. Plays easily up to super high D. This flute is also perfect for early classical music. Comes with wood case.

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