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Gold Tone

Gold Tone Mandola

Gold Tone Mandola


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The Mandola, often used in Celtic traditional music, is to the mandolin what the viola is to the violin. The four double courses of strings are usually tuned in fifths to CGDA, a fifth lower than a mandolin, but many other tunings may be used. Our Mandola features authentic Celtic tone and low, comfortable playing action. The cast brass tailpiece is stronger and thicker than sheet metal tailpieces, providing more sustain. This traditionally shaped and finished mandola will complement the sound of any acoustic ensemble. 



Buttons:  Metal
Nut Width:  1-1/4" ZeroGlide Nut
Tuners:  Sealed Guitar-Style


Fingerboard:  Rosewood
Frets:  20
Inlay:  Snowflake
Material:  Mahogany
Truss Rod:  Two-Way Adjustable


Back & Sides:  Mahogany
Hardware:  Chrome Plated
Tailpiece:  Mandolin Cast
Top:  Solid Spruce


Scale Length:  17-1/16"
Weight:  3 lbs.


Bag:  Included
Tuning:  CGDA


Folkternative Design
Solid Spruce Top
Snowflake Inlay
Natural Gloss Finish




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