Guitars Gold Tone GRS Metal Body Resonator Guitar

The Gold Tone GRS's full-depth steel body takes the energy generated by the authentic reverse-cone resonator and biscuit bridge and pumps it out relentlessly. The new Gold Tone/Beard resonator coverplate features a removable palm rest, making it a breeze to adjust string action, break angle, or string spacing, or to replace the bridge saddle without removing all that hardware. Available as left-handed model.



  • Neck:¬†Maple
  • Top:¬†Steel
  • Back & Sides:¬†Steel (3.125" thick)
  • Finish:¬†Brushed Aluminium
  • Fingerboard:¬†Ebony
  • Bridge:¬†Maple with Ebony Insert
  • Tuners:¬†Metal Die-Cast with Metal Buttons
  • Inlay:¬†Dot
  • Truss Rod:¬†Two-Way Adjustable
  • Cone & Spider:¬†Brushed Aluminum Cone and Biscuit
  • Binding:¬†Celluloid
  • Buttons:¬†Brushed Aluminium
  • Hardware:¬†Brushed Aluminium
  • Tailpiece:¬†Paul Beard 6-String
  • Number of Frets:¬†19
  • Nut Width:¬†1-3/4"
  • Scale Length:¬†25"
  • Weight:¬†9.5 lbs.
  • Tuning:¬†EADGBE
  • Strings:¬†.052w, .045w, .035w, .024w, .016, .013
  • Option 1:¬†Beard/
  • Hard Case:¬†HBRD (Optional)
  • Bag:¬†HBAG (Optional)
  • Left-Handed Available:¬†Yes

Gold Tone GRS Metal Body Resonator Guitar

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