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Guzheng, 21 nylon strings, Dunhuang

Guzheng, 21 nylon strings, Dunhuang


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Dunhuang 696D African Padauk Guzheng, "Duo Crane Facing the Sun" model.

Body Construction: single-piece oven-dried paulownia soundboard & backboard and African Padauk frame

Accessories: Rosewood bridges, tuning wrench, soft carrying case.

Sound Characteristics: Sweet, Bright and Resonant

Grade: Intermediate

This beautiful instrument is made with intermediate grade paulownia soundboards. The top and the bottom of the sound boards are both made by paulownia that were dried using special Shanghai method that provides the classical sweet tone of the guzheng. The frame is made by African Padauk with wood carving in the famous Duo Crane Facing the Sun design.

This guzheng is made by the famous Dunhuang factory, who produce 50% of the guzhengs in the market. This model Duo Crane Facing the Sun is the best selling guzheng model in history, far surpassing any other models.

This one is discounted as it's slightly shop worn, though with no visible damage to the finish.

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