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Mel Bay

Better Lead Guitar Through Chords DVD

Better Lead Guitar Through Chords DVD


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If you're trying to improve your lead guitar playing by studying scales, that's only half the picture. The best lead guitarists in rock, jazz, country, bluegrass and R & B base much of their improvisation and soloing on chords-even when they're playing single note solos. In this one and a half hour lesson, Fred Sokolow shows you several chord based approaches to soloing and backup. Covering several musical genres, Fred teaches you to: Play arpeggios, country licks and fast flatpicking solos in country/bluegrass tunes like Jambalaya and Wreck of the Old 97; Solo and backup R&B songs like People Get Ready and Just My Imagination in the colorful style Jimi Hendrix used on Little Wing. Play Steve Cropper-style licks on Dock of the Bay and Under the Boardwalk.; Improvise Django-style solos on swing tunes like Avalon.. You'll also learn some music theory and get a better understanding of the guitar, as Fred shows you ways to instantly find chords up and down the fretboard and connect them in chord families. Lots of Fred's solos are written out in the accompanying tab/music booklet and if you put the DVD in your computer, you can access a PDF file and print it all out in a larger size. Fred's relaxed style of teaching makes it easy for you to add new licks, new color and new strategies to your lead guitar playing. Now Available:

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