Media The Gospel Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis  4-DVD Set

Rev. Gary Davis was a musical genius. His music and guitar playing spanned a century of different techniques, styles and ideas and touched on so many musical formats, such as blues, ragtime, folk, gospel, marching songs and tin pan alley hits. In this series of four full-length video lessons, Ernie Hawkins teaches 14 of Rev. Davis's most requested and famous gospel guitar arrangements. Rare footage of Rev. Davis playing many of the tunes taught in this collection is featured. Ernie gives you a detailed rundown of each arrangement, analyzing the structure and timing of each phrase, verse and chorus, and then replaying everything slower on a split screen with close-ups of both hands. A comprehensive 80-page tab/music booklet is included. All in all, almost six hours of instruction is presented.

The Gospel Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis 4-DVD Set