Bag of Tricks Pocketful of Licks DVD

Product Description

In this unique DVD lesson, Buster B. Jones presents his approach to many facets of fingerstyle guitar techniques. He covers a wide variety of themes including: Chord Shapes and Voicings Scales, Alternating Bass Exercises Double-Picking / Cross-Picking and Chromatic Rolls How To Play Riffs In Any Key Grooves and Learning to Improvise Tunes include: Alabama Jubilee, Peanuts Theme, Ask John and Cannonball Rag. This is a DVD lesson that will open up new horizons for the student of fingerstyle guitar. Brad has the wonderful ability to be able to teach complex ideas and playing techniques in a very down to earth fashion that strikes at the core of the music. A detailed tab/music instructional booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD. Now Available:

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