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Handpan in "D Kurd" tuning, 10 notes

Handpan in "D Kurd" tuning, 10 notes


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Beautiful sounding handpan in "D Kurd" tuning. 10 note tonefields with the top ding as D.  

Started in Bangalore, Karnataka, India by Chirag Vaitheeswaran, one of the first Indian Handpan players, Chirp Handpans are a result of over 5 years of R&D into the science and art of singing steel. These handpans are crafted from carefully selected steels (Nitrided & Stainless Steel), are rust resistant and have a stable tuning architecture.

Each tone-field is precisely tuned with the fundamental, octave and twelfth (fifth over the octave) within 10 cents of each note.

It takes over 72 hours of skilled hammering to craft each instrument with tonal clarity, warm timbre and good sustain. 

This ten note model is tuned D A Bb C D E F G A C at A4 440Hz.

Comes with a fully enclosed zippered cover.

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