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Triplett Axline Harp w/ levers and case 30 strings

Triplett Axline Harp w/ levers and case 30 strings


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The Axline is a serious presence in the mid-size harp market. The Axline's reputation for holding its own in tone and volume against much larger harps is constantly brought to our attention by thrilled owners and harp dealers. The soundboard is a composite spruce with a veneer. This is the smallest of Triplett's "fine line" floor models and comes with a full set of flip-style levers and a padded foldable case.

Height: 50 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Strings: 30 nylon & composite strings
Range: G up to A
Soundboard: Spruce Composite
Forepillar or T-Brace: Yes
Levers: Set of Camac levers included
Case: Soft Case included

Shipped to the nearest trucking terminal for pickup.

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