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Maple Didgeridoo by Jeff Lohr

Maple Didgeridoo by Jeff Lohr


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A very perfect taper and the first trumpet right on the octave lends this didge a super level of controllability, pretty much any technique turns easy. It can drop jaw from the D drone down to Bb easily, and to A with a bit of practice. The tube supports comfortable glissandos. It has very clear vocals, meaning howls and barks are punctuated, and talking is easy to understand from the audience standpoint.

A very solid and nice sounding overblow, kinda unexpected since the bell is not very large. Super easy trumpet tones that can be reached during almost any other technique. Very easy to sustain extremely low sound volume without puffing out, the perfect long fade out didge. Loud F# ring tone. Definitely a super pro didge, like most of Jeff's didges. Not only does it do everything and does it well, but the gorgeous woodwork just knocks it out of the park. 4.2 lbs of beauty.

Sound sample


Here are Steve's ratings, on a scale of 1 - 10:

Ease of trumpet tones:  6
Backpressure:  8
Supports drop jaw:  5
Overall power:  8
Supports overblow:  6
Internal air space match up for sound column vs resonant chamber vs bell:  10
Ease of producing ring tone:  8
Overall quality of sound:  9



Wood Maple, Walnut, Cocobolo, Quilted Mahogany
Year made ?
Drone tone key D
Trumpet overtones:
   - 1st D
  - 2nd C
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