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Jubo II

Jubo II


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The Jubo is an easy-to-play sweet-sounding whistle, developed by musician Wayne Hankin. So small, you can put it in your pocket or simply wear it around your neck. Take it anywhere you want to play.

Jubo I gets you started

Jubo II completes the teaching and gives you all the basics to be a complete musician. Learn 15 pieces accompanied by several exercises.


Quick Start: Learn the notes and scale in minutes

Music: Tab Tune, Jingle Bells (the whole thing), The Major Minor March, Vivaldi’s Fall, Sidewalks of New York, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Susato Song & Dance, French Minuet, Spelling Bee, If You’re Happy and You Know it, The Marine, Hymn, The Tune of Many Trills, Birdie in the Woods, Bergerette: Sans Roch, Day is Done.

Techniques: Tablature review, double bars, refrain, bridge, Da Capo al Fine, While notes, 4/4 time, dotted notes, dotted half notes, ties, 3/4 time, 6/8, legato, canon, slurs, 1st/2nd endings, staccato, 16th notes, F#, key changes, minor keys, triplets, trills, tremolos, dotted eights, tablature techniques.

Composition: learn to write the minuet, writing in major/minor keys,

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