Kalimbas & Sansulas Small Thumbdrum

Originating in Africa, the Thumbdrum has made its way throughout the world. Known also as sansa, kalimba, and thumb piano, the thumbdrum is played by plucking the tines, or keys with thumbs or fingers. The resonators are made of acoustically selected hard shell gourds; the tines or keys are tempered spring steel, hand cut and rounded. The thumbdrum is a great percussionist's instrument, sturdy enough for (most) children, and perfect for all kinds of musical fun. Diatonic scale (CDEFGABC). These instrumentsare retunable to different scales within their range.

These American made kalimbas are beautiful both in appearance and sound. The natural gourd creates a nice resonance to the instrument. Diatonic tuned in the key of C. (8 Notes) Size, color, and shape will vary. Includes a song book.


Sound Sample

Kettle Gourd Thumbdrum