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Koncovka Overtone Flute

Koncovka Overtone Flute


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Koncovkas are overtone flutes, meaning there are no finger holes and melodies are created by varying your blown air pressure and creating the natural harmonics of the instrument. These are made in Slovakia from elder wood and polished with shellac. 

Before you read further you should check out these amazing sound samples:

In key of E:

In key of A:



When playing, you can open and close the bottom end to achieve around 16 different tones, or even more if you half-cover the end. Koncovkas offer a unique tonal range and extraordinary harmonic capabilities. By manipulating fingerings and controlling your breath, you can create mesmerizing overtones and evoke hauntingly beautiful melodies. The versatility of these flutes allows you to explore your musical creativity and express a wide range of emotions through their enchanting sounds. 

Experience the allure of Slovakian music and explore the captivating sounds of koncovkas. These authentic overtone flutes are more than just instruments; they are a direct link to the rich heritage and tradition of Slovakia. Let the koncovka enchant your senses and elevate your musical expressions to new heights.

Approximate Lengths:

Key of E:  20.5 inches

Key of A: 31 inches. This might be too long for some people. Stretch out your hand from your lips to your fingertips and the distance should be at least 33 inches.

Price is for one koncovka.  

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Love the flute. Very solid. Sounds great. Will purchase, another one, later