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Lark in the Morning




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Based on a popular design of the late 1920's, this instrument offers the unique tone of the tiple, with its reentrant octave stringing. Although tuned GCEA like a metal-strung ukulele, it has a wider tonal range as all but the treble course has a low octave double, giving a rich timbre to a small instrument.


Luthier built of solid tonewoods (Cedar face, Mahogany back and sides).


4 courses-bottom and top course double strung, middle courses triple strung (10 strings total).

You can use ukulele books for chords as it’s tuned like a ukulele.

Length                  28 3/4 "

Width                    9 "

Scale length        17 "

Nut width            38mm   1 1/2 inch nut width.

Depth                    3 1/2”


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