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Lark in the Morning

Maple Didgeridoo by David Blonski

Maple Didgeridoo by David Blonski


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This was David's commemorative didge for DidgeFest 2009. It has a perfect combo of slender bore and slow taper, and each of the three sections of this didge just melt together acoustically. Turns out that the sound column is very free to change length, and this didge can drop jaw really easily. For a beginning player it is amusing, with practice, it can drop jaw from the E drone to A and beyond. Listen to the sound clip, That's "Mary Had a A Little Lamb" with no practice.

With the first trumpet under the octave, the didge jumps from drone to either trumpet very easily, usable even for a novice. All sorts of techniques come very easily and the sound is rich, and complex. With 7.3 lbs of stiff Maple vibrating in front of you, it is truly a world class didgeridoo.

Sound sample


Here are Steve's ratings, on a scale of 1 - 10:

Ease of trumpet tones:  8
Backpressure:  8
Supports drop jaw:  8.5
Overall power:  9
Supports overblow:  8
Internal air space match up for sound column vs resonant chamber vs bell:  10
Ease of producing ring tone:  8
Overall quality of sound:  9.5



Wood Maple
Year made 2009
Drone tone key E
Trumpet overtones:
   - 1st Eb
  - 2nd A
  - 3rd E
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