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C Major Wing (Pent), by Freenotes

C Major Wing (Pent), by Freenotes


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The Wings are Freenotes signature instrument. The current model represents a lifetime of work, experience and modifications allowing us to provide you the most amazing instrument possible. The size is perfect for ease of use. The brightness of the tones and the sustain combine perfectly to embody all Freenotes philosophies.


is a resonated xylophone with eleven notes that span two octaves in a pentatonic scale. It is excellent for creating soothing and uplifting harmonies.

11 notes (C-D-E-G-A-C-D-E-G-A-C)
1″ wide aluminum bars
Two octaves
Includes 2 Wing Mallets
4 pounds
Dimensions: 14.5”x17”x5”


Suitable for both beginners and trained musicians. Ideal for relaxation, meditation, therapy, early childhood, aged care, trauma sufferers, higher functioning, cognitive skills, self expression, motor skills and increasing social and emotional development and well being.

  • Suitable for beginners and trained musicians
  • Handmade by Grammy Award winner
  • Explore your creative musicality
  • Five-tone harmonic pentatonic scale
  • Notes sustain for over six seconds
  • No moving parts, no tuning
  • Endorsed by music therapists
  • Ideal for special needs children/adults
  • Sturdy, lightweight, portable
  • Enables all to unlock their creative potential



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