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Master Works

Master Works Ultralight Hammered Dulcimer

Master Works Ultralight Hammered Dulcimer


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High quality Masterworks instruments are used by professionals all over the world for performance and recording. The Ultralight is a design Russell Cook started in 1983 when hammered dulcimers were as heavy as 40 lbs. After decades of fine tuning, Master Works has managed to get the weight of this cutting-edge instrument down to approximately 11 pounds!

  • Sipo soundboard with solid alder back
  • Walnut endrails
  • Morado bridges
  • 16 treble & 15 bass courses
  • Harrison Rose Inlays
  • Over 3 octave range; 1 3/4 octave chromatic (16-15)
  • Extra slots along the edge of the soundboard to make it more vibrant
  • Extensively tapered soundboard & bracing unique to a Master Works instrument
  • Only 11 lbs!
  • Nice padded case included
Options include:
  • Dampers 
  • Chromatic - 5 additional notes make this dulcimer fully chromatic from bottom to top. 
  • Chromatic with extended range - adds an entire octave to the bottom range of the Ultralight Chromatic. 

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