Hammered Dulcimers Master Works Ultralight Hammered Dulcimer

High quality Masterworks instruments are used by professionals all over the world for performance and recording.

  • Mahogany soundboard with laminated birch back.
  • Walnut Endrails
  • Rosewood Bridge
  • 16 treble & 15 bass courses
  • Harrison Rose Inlays
  • Over 3 octave range; 1 3/4 octave chromatic (16-15)
  • Extra slots along the edge of the soundboard to make it more vibrant
  • Extensively tapered soundboard & bracing unique to a Master Works instrument!
  • Approximately 14 lbs

16/15 Ultralight In Detail - by Russell Cook

  1. Considered somewhat extended in range by the number of notes. Better for intermediate and advanced players but not a burden for beginners. Players are not as apt to grow out of this model as it will grow with you as you develop greater needs in the future (see 5-C below).
  2. Contains a complete "chromatic" 2 1/4 octaves with a retuned top bass bridge (again, commonly highly unused duplicate of the "D" on the top right treble bridge). It has 3 octaves of the diatonic scale of "G", 2 3/4 octaves of the key of "D" and "C", 1 3/4 octaves of "F", 2 1/3 octaves of "A", and 1 3/4 octaves of "E".
  3. Most commonly plays in the keys of C, G, D, A, Am, Em, Bm, and some in Dm, Gm, F and E.

Master Works Ultralight Hammered Dulcimer