Native American Drums 20" Ritual drum, Single Sided
These are the traditional drums of the American Pueblo and Plains Indians made in the traditional manner. Each drum has its own character and sound. The drums are made from laminated wood. The skins are cleaned and carefully scraped in the traditional manner and the rawhide lacing is hand cut and stretched. These drums often have different pitch and tone. Generally more humid environments than the Southwest can cause a lower pitch. You may tighten drum heads by warming them by the fire, sunlight, or heater. Diameter is calculated by the greatest shell width across the top. Drums may vary in size. The wider the diameter of the drum, the deeper the pitch and resonance. Other types and sizes available. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call.
20", single sided frame drum with rawhide skin heads with rawhide lacing.

20" Ritual drum, Single Sided

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