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NUVO Student Flute 2.0

NUVO Student Flute 2.0


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We're very impressed with these student flutes from Nuvo. You can play in the rain. You could play in the swimming pool. Waterproof. You can wash it. Great vibrant sound. They make a great flute for traveling or a second flute you can leave out to play any time. Fantastic colors too!



NUVO Student Flute

The Student Flute kit includes:

  • The straight head joint with standard and Firstnote lip plates
  • Main body with silicone soft-touch keys
  • C foot joint plus accessories
  • O-ring grease and hard case.

The NUVO Student Flute has completely standard fingering and performance so it can be used for examinations, performances and in band classes just like a regular silver flute.

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