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DragonTooth Alto C in Metallic Lustre

DragonTooth Alto C in Metallic Lustre


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Handcrafted - 12-Hole produces over an octave range from A-F

The Legend of the Dragon Tooth Story and Songbook Method included- Metal Chain

It's unique shape is very comfortable to play with virtuosity and subtlety.

You may find yourself just holding the Dragon Tooth, turning it over in your hands, and enjoying the tactile feel of its sharp lines and curves. Colors will vary due to the organic variations of the lustre glazing process. Each one is unique. They are not mass produced, but meticulously crafted one at a time.

A detachable metal chain is included, and the instrument comes with a book called The Legend of the Dragon Tooth Ocarina, an origin myth for the ocarina. The book includes 13 original melodies that you can play to accompany the story. Flip the book over and there is a Songbook/Tutorial that teaches you how to play, and includes the following songs:

Amazing Grace, Beethoven's Ode to Joy, Greensleeves, My Favorite Things, Skip to My Loo, Titanic Theme (My Heart Will Go On), Hava Nagila, Hall of the Mountain King, Peter and the Wolf, La Cucaracha, Stairway to Heaven, The Pink Panther, Star Wars Theme, Star Wars Imperial Death March, Nirvana's Come As You Are, The Dresden Dolls Coin Operated Boy, Concerning Hobbits (Shire Theme from Lord of the Rings), Narnia Lullaby, Pan's Labirynth (Mercedes Lullaby), Tetris Theme, Final Fantasy Amidatti and Eleanor, too, Final Fantasy Song of Memory, The Legend of Zelda Ballad of the Windfish


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