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Ocarina of Time 7 Hole in Alto C

Ocarina of Time 7 Hole in Alto C


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Compact 7-hole
Zelda Blue glaze
The Ring of Platinum
Treasure Chest included
Legend of Zelda 7 Hole Songbook included

There are a lot of Zelda ocarinas out there, each claiming they are the true legend. But Zelda fans can't be fooled. They know only the real thing can properly transport the player along their upcoming musical quests and one needs to gain strength and new abilities in order to uncover the mysteries music offers. One ocarina can do this.

Set safely in a protective case for 7 years is the 7-hole Ocarina of Time. This limited edition instrument bears special qualities. For one, it has an extra hole to bring the player down to the lower realm of pitch. It is also marked with the distinctive ring of platinum and comes in a wood Treasure Chest. Plus a Songbird Songbook is enclosed to enhance the musical role playing. This is indeed a rare hidden treasure.

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