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Ocarina of Time 12 Hole in Alto C

Ocarina of Time 12 Hole in Alto C


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12-hole Power
21 note range of Courage (A4-F6)
Tone of Wisdom
Real platinum band
Comes with Legend of Zelda Songbook
Whether you want to find friends or just stop calamity, you'll become a true hero of time with this ocarina from the Legend of Zelda. A unique 12-hole instrument handed down by generations of Hyrule's royal family, this secret treasure is now available to you.

Because it's impeccably in tune it can be played beyond the 4 keys needed to enter the sacred Realm of the Triforce, and the ceramic glaze of Zelda Blue gives off a glow reminiscent of an active time shift stone. It's exemplary tone blends especially well with pipes of awakening, the guitar of waves and the drums of sleep. Comes with a book of 36 songs featured in the Legend of Zelda series.
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