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Mel Bay

Tricks, Licks & Techniques for Dobro, Volume 1 DVD

Tricks, Licks & Techniques for Dobro, Volume 1 DVD


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Let Orville take you through the basic techniques needed to become a Dobro player in this fun, accessible lesson for the beginner/intermediate player. A great primer for any beginning Dobro player, or a good reminder on techniques for the intermediate player, Orville teaches: • Scales & Blocking Techniques. • Playing up and Down One String. • Sliding with Triplets. • Intonation. • Bar Tilts. • Damping. • Scale Patterns Across 6 Strings in Closed Positions; Practicing Scales in a Musical Manner; Vibrato; Harmonics; Palm Harmonics (Chimes); Playing In Different Keys Without a Capo using Red Haired Boy as an example and more. This is an important lesson in Dobro Techniques for the Blues, Bluegrass, Swing or Hawaiian player.

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