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K&K Silver Bullet Microphone For Flute

K&K Silver Bullet Microphone For Flute


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The Silver Bullet is a very powerful condenser microphone with excellent sound and frequency range. Its outstanding performance, especially on wind instruments, makes this small mic an affordable tool for every musician.

Due to its versatile size and its convenient attachment directly to or inside the instrument, it can be used with a wide variety of instruments:

Wind Instruments, such as concert flute, clarinet, trumpet or saxophone. A foam wind screen is provided for all applications on wind instruments.
Hand drums, such as darabokas, dumbaks, djembes, bongos, as well as kalimba or slit drum.
String instruments such as mandolin, banjo, piano, violin, acoustic guitars, and ethnic instruments like sitar, bouzouki, saz, oud, balalaika and similar.
Vocals, for use as a Lavalier microphone. The Silver Bullet has a 4" gooseneck built into the cable right behind the microphone head. This allows a variety of elevated positions on wind instruments. Two different attachment systems are supplied to accommodate different mounting methods: a padded clip and a special extra heavy duty industrial Velcro attachment system which allows for attaching the mic to about any and every instrument (in case the clip does not fit). The mic plugs into the control box, which provides active pre amplification plus active balanced XLR Out.

The Silver Bullet XLR preamp works either on phantom power or a 9-volt battery. The preamp provides the special 5-volt power the mic requires. On customer request, a preamp with 1/4" instrument line output (e.g. for combo amps) is also available. This unit does not work on phantom power. If you would like the 1/4" instrument jack line output version, please specify when ordering.

Technical Information
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 8 mV / PA / 1 kHz
Maximum SPL: 133dB
Polar Pattern: Soft cardioid
Preamp Power supply: 12-48 volt phantom power or 9 Volt battery (phantom power XLR type only)
Mic Power Supply: 5 Volt supplied by Silver Bullet preamp
Power consumption: less than 1 mA
Output: XLR balanced or 1/4 line level (please choose model)
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