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K&K Banjo Twin Pickup

K&K Banjo Twin Pickup


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The Banjo Twin pickup system is designed to reproduce the true banjo sound with very natural tone quality and with very little effect on the acoustic tone. The Banjo Twin works well in passive mode, especially if acoustic amps are used. If a preamp should be necessary, we recommend our Pure Preamp.

Installing the Banjo Twin The Banjo Twin does not require any alteration of your valuable instrument; all the components are installed with special double side tape or self adhesive fasteners. These will not harm the finish of your instrument and residues can be removed with WD-40.

The two pickups are installed on the inside of the banjo head using a special removable self-adhesive fastening system, specially designed for the installation on the banjo head. This adhesive is installed to the two outer edges of the pickups only. We call this the "Catamaran" mounting technique. Using this technique, the center portion of the pickup is free-floating, enhancing response while reducing the adhesive surface by about 40% and therefore having only very little effect on the acoustic sound.

The Banjo Twin system is equipped with a multi-use endpin jack. This jack can be mounted three ways: on the outside of the banjo (see photo), or mounted with internal drill through installation, or installed in a slot of the outer rim. For the external-mount, the jack is attached with K&K's self-adhesive dual-lock system (similar to Velcro but much stronger). It can be indefinitely opened and closed without wear and tear and guarantees super holding power with absolutely no mechanical noise. This way, the jack can be temporarily removed to fit your instrument into a form-case.

Technical Information
Cable length: 10"
Pickup size: 27mm diameter
Impedance: High ohmic
Jack: Stereo TRSS endpin jack wired mono
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