Harps Roosebeck Lyre Harp String Set (10)
The ten metal strings in the Roosebeck Lyre Harp set provide a very classical sound. The authentic tuning is derived from Judaic worship music, where the instrument was used to accompany the singing of the Chazzan, also known as a Cantor. This style of tuning uses the Chazzanut mode.

Tuning and String Gauges
1:F5 .010 0.25 Steel
2:E5 .010 0.25 Steel
3:D5 .011 0.28 Steel
4:C5 .012 0.30 Steel
5:B4 .014 0.36 Steel
6:A4 .015 0.38 Steel
7:G#4 .015 0.38 Steel
8:F4 .023w 0.58 Nickel
9:E4 .024w 0.61 Nickel
10:D4 .028w 0.71 Nickel

Roosebeck Lyre Harp String Set (10)