Ouds Roosebeck Arabic Oud String Set
Roosebeck Arabic Oud Strings are made with a heavier gauge, especially for the larger size and lower tuning of the Arabic oud. The set includes 12 strings, 8 of which are wound. The strings are rectified clear nylon with silverplated copper wound bass strings.

Tuning and String Gauges
1:C .019 .480 Nylon
2:C .019 .480 Nylon
3:G .024 .610 Nylon
4:G .024 .610 Nylon
5:D .020w .510 Silver
6:D .020w .510 Silver
7:A .024w .610 Silver
8:A .024w .610 Silver
9:G .028w .710 Silver
10:G .028w .710 Silver
11:D .036w .910 Silver
12:D .036w .910 Silver

Roosebeck Arabic Oud String Set