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Lark in the Morning

Giora Feidman - The Dance of Joy

Giora Feidman - The Dance of Joy


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The Dance of Joy is Giora Feidman's 7th studio release.

1. Ani Ole L'Yerushalim/Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
2. Rue du Bac
3. Forget the tears, it's beautiful
4. If I were a rich man
5. Chassidic dance
6. Giora, for your Neshama
7. Yankelle
8. Somebody loves me
9. The dance of fire
10. Song for the earth
11. Dance of joy
12. The wedding waltz
13. Shpiel Zhe Mir a Liedele
14. L'Chaim
15. Song for two
16. The Freilach Dance
17. Rue du Bac (Encore)
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