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Lark in the Morning

Steeleye Span - Parcel of Rogues

Steeleye Span - Parcel of Rogues


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1973's PARCEL OF ROGUES is one of Steeleye Span's best albums, representing the era when the group's balance between traditional English folk music and good ol' rock and roll was at its surest. Neither too rock for the folk purists nor too twee ... Full Descriptionfor the rockers, PARCEL OF ROGUES has charms to delight both camps.

This is most clear on the opening track "One Misty Moisty Morning," one of Steeleye Span's finest songs. Maddy Prior's beautiful, clear voice mixes with the half-acoustic/half-electric arrangement seamlessly, and the song's haunting refrain becomes a actual pop hook by its second appearance. The album also features excellent vocals by Tim Hart and the band's other members, including Peter Knight and Bob Johnson's excellent rendition of "Hares on the Mountain." The album's other highlight, "Alison Gross," is probably the closest thing to an all-out rock song the group ever recorded.

1. One Misty Moisty Morning
2. Alison Gross
3. The Bold Poachers
4. The Ups and Downs
5. Robbery with Violins
6. The Wee Wee Man
7. The Weaver and the Factory Maid
8. Rogues in a Nation
9. Cam Ye O'er Frae France
10. Hares on the Mountain
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