Wicked Tinkers - It's Not About Pretty Media Lark in the Morning

The Wicked Tinkers are a group of 3 roving musicians playing the music of Scotland, Ireland, and other Celtic lands on Highland Pipes and drums. Of course, the music of the Highlands of Scotland is featured, along with Irish, Canadian and even American tunes rounding out the repertoire. Aaron Shaw plays the pipes and tin whistles, is an award winning piper; John MacAdams plays snare drum guitar, and sings, and his drumming adds new meaning to the phrase "That's LOUD!"; and Warren Casey plays big drum and bodhran, adding a deep bottom end. 14 tracks; some selected tunes are Wallop the Cat, Pumpkin's fancy, Fiollaighean, A Flame of Wrath.

Wicked Tinkers - It's Not About Pretty

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