Talking Drums Remo Talking Drum, Tamani, 6" X 11", Skyndeep Ultratac 'Lizard Stripe', Rope, Antique Finish
Talking Drums Remo Tamami Talking Drum, 6" X 11"

The Tamani Talking Drum features a traditional rope tuning style which produces a warm authentic sound, making it ideal for pitch-bending. Constructed with an Acousticon® shell, Skyndeep® Ultratac drumheads and a textured antique finish. The Tamani Talking Drum is an excellent choice for students, teachers and professional drummers looking for low maintenance and high-quality sound.

Size 6" x 11", 6" x 15". Comes with Remo Talking Drum mallet.

Remo Tamami Talking Drum, 6" X 11"

SKU: TD-0611-81