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Roosebeck Knob Tipper - Off-Center Double Ridge - Mulberry

Roosebeck Knob Tipper - Off-Center Double Ridge - Mulberry


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8.25 inch long mulberry tipper with off-center double ridges and large knob ends. The off-center ridges are great if you prefer a hold that cups the end in your palm. One of our best selling tippers. The tipper is swung back and forth against the head of a Bodhran to create lively rhythmic patterns. A tipper is also called a: bone, beater or cipin. The comfort and grip for each tipper is unique. You can also expect different sounds from different styles of tipper. So try a few different styles!

Note: Each tipper is made from solid wood and hand turned on a lathe. therefore the profiles of the ends may vary slightly from the photograph.

8.25" long x 3/8" mid-shaft x 5/8" knobs
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