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Sakis 8-String Tzouras

Sakis 8-String Tzouras


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A smaller version of a bouzouki, related to the Turkish cura, tzouras occupy the middle range between bouzoukis and baglamas. This pre-owned beauty sounds fantastic with very few indications that it had a previous owner. 

Sakis has been making fine Greek musical instruments for over 20 years, producing a wide variety of bouzoukis, jouras, baglamas, and tsouras. Excellent workmanship combined with quality materials make Sakis tsouras the choice of professional players.


Specifications (approximate)

Overall length: 34 1/2"

Body Width: 8 1/2"

Scale Length: 23 3/4"

Nut Width: 1 1/4"

It does not come with a case.

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