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Songbird Ocarinas

Seedpod Ocarina Bass C in Dark Straw Fire

Seedpod Ocarina Bass C in Dark Straw Fire


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Open the gift box and behold. Resting in satin is our handcrafted Seedpod Bass. It is a thing of beauty and a delight to hold in your hand. But wait till you play it. That’s the real thrill. Its warm, deep tone resonates through you over an octave and a third (C4-E5); perfect for solos or accompanying your ocarina playing friends.

This Dark Straw Fire ocarina comes with an adjustable beaded strap, a songbook/tutorial. Normally a bass instrument can set you back a lot of money, but why pay hundreds when you can get a quality bass for only $73.00?

Sounds good to me.

 The key of C is known to convey the characteristics of purity and innocence.

  • 6 hole Bass ranges an octave and a 3rd
  • Pendant Ocarina in Dark Straw Fire glaze
  • Beaded Strap included
  • Songbook/Tutorial
  • Comes in a display box lined with Satin
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