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Sogo, by JAG Drums

Sogo, by JAG Drums


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Drums of the Ewe speaking people, made of staved poplar. Skin is stretched across the mouth of the drum and pulled taut by a durable rope and peg tuning system. Ewe barrel drums are constructed in various sizes which articulate the function and character of each drum in the ensemble. The drums are played upright, tilted or suspended in a stand. Played with sticks or hands, they produce a variety of distinct projecting tones. Made in the US by Jag, in the traditional manner. Sogo-Kidi-Kagan These are the most common Ewe barrel drums and are usually played together in an ensemble. The Sogo can double as a lead or support drum, while the Kidi and Kagan are strictly used as support drums. The Sogo is played with hands or sticks while both Kidi and Kagan are high pitched and played with sticks. Sogo 8.5" x 25".

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