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APC Portuguese Fado Guitar Lisboa with Case

APC Portuguese Fado Guitar Lisboa with Case


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The Portuguese Guitar is a large mandolin-like instrument from Portugal with 12 strings in six courses, associated with the Fado music genre. It has a spruce top and sapele back and sides. Traditional Preston tuners hold the steel strings over the 22 fret curved fretboard. The headstock is carved into a scroll. There are inlays around the sound hole and body, and a small pick guard. Has end pin. Comes with nice soft case.

Made by APC Musical Instruments in Portugal.

Item #: GF305LS

Traditional tuning: AGDAGC

1st course: tuned b'b', both wire 0.008"
2nd course: tuned a'a'; both wire 0.010"
3rd course: tuned cc; both wire 0.012"
4th course: wound, tuned b, 0.020" wire, tuned b', 0.008"
5th course: wound, tuned a, 0.025" wire, tuned a', 0.010"
6th course: wound; tuned D, 0.032" wire, tuned d, 0.012"

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