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Suona, "Chinese Trumpet"

Suona, "Chinese Trumpet"


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Crafted of indigenous woods with a metal bell at one end and a double reed on the other. Approximately fifteen inches in length, with a one and one half octave sounding range. Pitch can vary slightly between instruments, but well tuned to itself.

The suona is sometimes called "Chinese trumpet," the suona originates from traditional Chinese folk music and is essential at funerals, weddings, and theatric performances. In ancient China, it could even be found in palace rituals. Though small, the suona produces a powerful sound thanks to its short pipe shaft. Its clear, resonant timbre instantly captures the audience's attention.

The suona and oboe are both double-reed woodwind instruments, but they too have their distinctions. You can picture a suona reed as a flattened drinking straw. To make an oboe reed, however, the cane is spliced, folded, and then bound together. Basically, two pieces instead of one.

And although suona and oboe reeds are both cut from the upper half of the cane stalk instead of the bottom, like clarinet and saxophone reeds, the oboe reed comes from the outer layer of the plant, while the suona reed comes from the inner stalk.

7 fingerholes and a thumbhole. Measures 16" from bell to end of staple.


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