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Tenor Shvi in A, Professional Model

Tenor Shvi in A, Professional Model


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The shvi (Armenian: Շվի) (pronounced sh-vee) which means “whistle” in Armenian, is a fipple flute with a labium mouth piece. 

This shvi is 15 3/4 inches long (made of two parts) and made of quality apricot wood made of unique mountain fruitless apricot wood, which is dried over 10 years. Additionally this wood boiled for several weeks. This special processing of wood make instrument very stable for years even if climate changes.

Its range is one and half octave. It can be fine tuned by slightly shifting the connection of the two parts. In order to get half tones you can use half fingering technique of playing.

Tenor shvi in key of A Tenor, C piccolo and D Bass are the most used keys used in our Armenian traditional music.

One octave is obtained by blowing normally into the shvi and a second octave is attained by blowing with slightly more force. The lower octave has a timbre similar to a recorder whereas the higher octave sounds similar to a piccolo or flute. 8-hole traditional flute.

Typically, most Armenian duduk or zurna players learn the shvi before moving on to either instrument.

This two-piece tenor shvi is handcrafted in the key of A, with a matte finish.

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