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Songbird Ocarinas

The Muse Ocarina, E flat Tenor

The Muse Ocarina, E flat Tenor


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Finally, an ocarina that's as fine a musical instrument as it is a work of art. Introducing The Muse, a handcrafted ocarina designed for acoustic richness, deep sonority, and an emphasis on warm bass tones that are fit for a cathedral. Tuned to the rich key of F, and finished in a silky satin glaze, this artistic masterpiece is enjoyed by professionals and newcomers alike. Its special glaze gives it the smooth feel of a polished river stone, and its unique appearance transforms any room into an art gallery. Plus – it looks quite a bit like something DaVinci would play.

Each Muse is wrapped in a velvet casing. She is tempting to display but don’t put her on a pedestal, take her with you and make beautiful music together.

The Key of Eb conveys the emotions of love, devotion, and an experience of a conversation with G-d.

  • Handcrafted
  • Ceramic, finished in satin glaze
  • 10-Hole produces over an octave range from F-Bb 
  • Songbook Method included

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