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Twisted Staves Didgeridoo by Gusty Christenson

Twisted Staves Didgeridoo by Gusty Christenson


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The 9 Staves that make up this Rainbow colored didgeridoo are 1/8" 2 ply Marine grade plywood that is Birch by Mahogany, with the Birch side outwards. Each stave is made with a perfect shape to assume the perfect desired taper once assembled with epoxy. This particular didge has the staves twisted together during the joining process, an even more difficult and special facet. The assembly time is topped off with a special mouthpiece with the layers of wood untraditionally sideways, and then cord wrapped at three points for strength and beauty. It then took dozens of coats of epoxy to finish the didge. It's no wonder Gusty stopped building over a decade ago.

The didge sports two easy to reach trumpet tones. At 3.1 lbs, it resonates really loudly, broadcasting a lot of sound out through the sides. It makes a very rich and full sound with a very distinct ring tone. This is definitely a pro level instrument, very well balanced and a sound weapon in the right hands.

Sound sample


Here are Steve's ratings, on a scale of 1 - 10:

Ease of trumpet tones:  7
Backpressure:  7
Supports drop jaw:  2
Overall power:  8
Supports overblow:  5
Internal air space match up for sound column vs resonant chamber vs bell:  9
Ease of producing ring tone:  9
Overall quality of sound:  9



Wood Birch/Mahogany Laminate
Year made ?
Drone tone key E
Trumpet overtones:
   - 1st F
  - 2nd C
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