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Lark in the Morning

Pastoral Oboe - Low D Bombard

Pastoral Oboe - Low D Bombard


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A wonderful instrument that plays in the range of the flute. Made of Indian rosewood. 21-1/4" long. Can be played soft enough to play with fiddles, concertina and other instruments but can be played louder to play with bagpipes. Basically in the range of the Uilleann pipes. Comes with a standard plastic oboe reed (you can get more range with a good cane oboe reed). It has 7 holes in front with a thumb hole and a double F hole. The perfect addition for any flute or whistle player. Great tone color. Similar to the instruments heard on the House Band and Blowzabella recordings. Fingering similar to Irish style flutes and tinwhistles.

Fingering chart and more info: PDF

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