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21 Chord Chromaharp

21 Chord Chromaharp


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The versatile 21-chord ChromAharp®!

Versatility is the key to this member of the ChromAharp family. The 21-chord bars on this instrument enable the player to play hundreds of songs. Construction and design features include torsion-tight tuning pins, pre-stressed maple frame, and a maple top and back. The following 21 chord bars enable the player to literally play hundreds of songs: Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, F7, C7, G7, D7, A7, E7, B7, Ab, Bb7, Cm, Gm, Dm, Am, Em.



  • 21 chord bars
  • Torsion-tight tuning pins
  • Pre-stressed maple frame
  • Nylock chord bar buttons
  • Maple top and back
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