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Zurna in B, Professional Model

Zurna in B, Professional Model


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The Zurna (pronounced zewer-na), like the duduk and Kaval, is a woodwind instrument used to play Anatolian and Middle Eastern folk music. The zurna is a conical oboe, made of apricot wood, and uses a double reed which generates a sharp, piercing sound. Thus, it has historically been played outdoors during festive events such as weddings and holidays. It has 8 holes on the front, 7 of which are used while playing, and 1 thumbhole which provide a range of one octave.

It is similar to the Mizmar. The Zurna is an instrument made from the fruit tree Apricot ( Prunus Armeniaca ). Zurnas are also used in the folk music of the countries in the region, especially Azerbaijan, Armenia, Republic of Macedonia , Croatia, Turkey, Iraq, Greece, Assyria, Iran, Albania, Bosnia and the other Caucasian countries., and has now spread throughout China, and Eastern Europe.

Handcrafted in Armenia, this zurna is in the key of B. The professional model has a very nice gloss finish.

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