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Hohner AirBoard 32-Key Melodica - Rasta Print - AB32-RASTA

Hohner AirBoard 32-Key Melodica - Rasta Print - AB32-RASTA


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Playing the Hohner AirBoard 32 melodica is simply a ton of fun! This modern take on the classic melodica boasts a cool rasta-inspired paint job, redesigned mouthpiece, and a padded travel bag for easy transport. Plus, thanks to its airtight construction, this melodica delivers a crisp, full-bodied tone that's sure to please even the pickiest players! From reggae and dub to folk rock and acoustic jams, the evocative and expressive sound of the melodica is a welcome addition to all types of musical arrangements.


  • Designed for players of roots and dub reggae styles
  • Requires no computer, no cables, and no power source
  • Blowflow mouthpiece let’s you play comfortably at any angle.
  • F3-C6
  • 42 cm/16.5"
  • 590g
  • Red, yellow, black and green
  • Padded bag with carrying strap included
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